Secret place - verkocht


Acrylic on canvas

70 x 90 cm

400,00 €

I started studying the Bible and searched for ' secret place.' And I discovered that it is truly the most intimate place with Him. Where life begins, where God starts creating. A sheltered, quiet and Holy place. He wants to dwell with you in that secret place of your heart. I learnt not to rush that, not to be in haste seeking his presence. But steadfast with diligence, time and gentleness. He deserves all that I can sacrifice. In that process this image came to the surface. I hope it encourages you to go even deeper with God, to go after that secret place with Him.

His love will light up your heart
Come and walk on water
He will give you a fresh start
Let Him be the Author

He is your beloved abba father
Your Holy, just and righteous King
The most High; to Him all the honor
Praise and worship Him with everything