Nieuw Nederland


50 x 100 cm

Acrylic on canvas

300,00 €

I could hear the Lord saying this about a new promise for this country:
'I will make you new again. Rise up, rise up people of the Netherlands. If you'd let me, you'll function as a cornerstone for a new movement of my spirit. I will shine upon you, break you free from shame, sin and guilt. Rise up, rise up, people of the Netherlands! Start singing and speaking, I will bless your voice and give you the words to say. Come under my authority, stand up in worship and in prayer for I will be with you, I will make you flourish, my love for you will never end. This promise is eternal, for I have written it in the heavens. I will restore and heal you, I will declare you Holy again. You will be my beloved. You will be the house for my spirit'.

- White daisies and copper tulips stand for new things that will grow and flourish in NL.
- Colours; white, blue and redcopper is for the national flag.
- The godwit bird, upper right corner, is the national bird, stands for freedom and involvement overseas.
- The blackbird lower left corner, is a singing bird, stands for the Netherlands finding a new voice.
- The crown is for Gods authority and Holiness standing over the Netherlands once again.
- The scroll stands for His promise. Signed by Jesus our redeemer.