Be Aligned


Acrylic on canvas, mixed media

80 x 60 cm

Sometimes there are seasons of waiting, seeking and 'the not knowing', but don't get too comfortable in the waiting. Be still active with God, seeking Him first to be aligned with his word and truth. So that you may know when to move when it is the right time. Keep yourself excited with His presence cultivating the promises of God in your heart. And above all, don't worry about time, don't be rushed or in haste. Don't wait too long or forget what you were waiting for. A thousand years is as a day for God, and a day like thousand years. God is never in a rush, but always on time. He is patient and diligent and moves directly when needed to. Be aligned with His spirit, so that your life will be directed by Gods timing in all things. Blessings!

400,00 €