About me  


I am an enthusiastic artist. I love to express myself through painting and creative projects. Ever since childhood I've enjoyed being creative by drawing, sketching, painting, to play with colors on canvas and try out something new. Art to me is a use of communication to reach people. My goal is to set free, encourage and build up others with my work. I try to communicate hope and truth through painting so that I could make art of high value for every individual.

The process

I started with drawing and sketching first. When I was about 13/14 years old, I started to take art more seriously and tried to pursue it more often.

I gradually went from black and white to colored drawings with pencils, crayons and sometimes watercolors. I wanted to keep challenging myself and try out new things

Eventually I discovered the world of painting and I've been loving it. There are so many possibilities, I'm definitely not bored yet!

The material

I've been painting with acrylics since two years now and I use several techniques. I love a good landscape or a still life, but I also enjoy the impressionistic with abstract images combined.

I never did art school or other art classes. Everything I know, I've taught and tried myself.  Practice makes perfect! 

You can reach me for (prophetic) personal paintings, commissioned paintings or murals!